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A life without limits. A brand new start.

Is weight loss surgery right for you?

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At NewStart, we offer a supportive program tailored to your individual needs and personal goals.

It's about more than a number on a scale. It's about getting back to your favorite activities. It's about getting a boost in both your energy and confidence. It's something to do for you and your health.

We never forget your weight lost journey is unique to you. Filled with ups and downs. And now, you're ready for the next step. Ready to get back to what you've been missing and commit to a healthier future. It is an important decision, and we're here every step of the way.

Are you the next success story?

"You’re going to get just a better quality of life and certainly a longer and happier life as a result of it. Why let that eating style and that lifestyle take that from you?"

Watch Dynae and Garrett’s Story

"I have so much energy. I feel beautiful about myself. I can actually take pictures. I’ve had a great experience. I honestly can truly tell you, it was the best thing I could have absolutely done for myself."

Watch Brenda’s Story

"This surgery has been the most successful and the most permanent. I wish I hadn’t waited eight years to do it."

Watch Becky’s Story